Green Envy: What Bulls fans said - 2/13

This game was an ugly battle between the Bulls and Celts, and the Bulls fans were bashing their own team just as much as the team in green. There was some respect sent to the Celts but all in all it was just about the sloppy play by both sides. Now here's the best of what the other side had to say tonight:

Top Three:

1. Oh f*ck an alien! They’re comign to take you home Rondo!

2. Holy shit. At half time, did they switch the rims for carnival ones or something? Change the height to 10.5 feet?

3. Normally I'd be able to tell you but it appears this game’s ugly killed the live boxscore 5 game minutes ago.

Play of the Game: (Huge offensive board and slam by Bass)

Bass must really want us to trade Booz for him he’s playing out of his mind

The Full Slate:

Go Bulls! Melt the Celts!

expecting another game thats tough to watch

turnovers, no defense, no offense

we’re utta gas and running on fumes to all-star…just one more game and we’re there

luckily, the celts have no players either lol

Cheapshit KG at his normal then

Side note: Bradley is decent.

Luol may be playing the worst ball of his career. It’s probably the hammy

Bass already has 6 rebs. Wtf

I would sell my soul for someone who could actually generate consistent offense. We look as offensively inept as we did when we played the Sixers in the playoffs.

or you could just wait 2 weeks

Who needs to wait 2 weeks when we have the Italian Jordan on our team.

Fucking Garnett with an elbow shove after the foul was called. What a prick.

Fucking flops. Such Bullshit.

why is bradely wearin the drose 2.5???

The truth is a fucking flop

Carlos "oh ma gaad"

would be nice if the celtics could go 23 - 59 one of these years

Thibs must be mad at Nate. Bad Nate showed up today so far

No way Miami beats the Celtics last year if Bradley played

This game is hilariously bad.

good thing the celtics can't shoot for shit either.

Seriously how many assist have Boozer ruined for Noah this year?

Is a six point lead insurmountable in this game?

"True Celtics fan right there" yeah, it’s a fucking alien that followed rondo here

Clanking everything tonight jumpshots AND layups

Celtics are tipping, kicking, sexing, poking balls like a CPU team in 2k13

Oh Get that luck sauce shit outta here..........

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