From The Invisible Man, to Iron Man

Back in mid-2011 when the Boston Celtics (infamously) traded for Jeff Green, many C's fans had different views on what he could bring to the Green. Personally, I was pretty optimistic about Green, as he was averaging 13 PPG & 5 RPG, in 32 minutes per contest, of course as a starter in Oklahoma City. Jeff Green had appeared to be a fixture for the future of OKC along with Durant, Westbrook, and Ibaka, but that wasn't the case as the Thunder sent him to Boston in exchange for Perk' and Nate Robinson.

Greens' first half-season in Boston was a serious struggle, as his numbers (and role) dropped while he made the transition from a "Thunder" to a "Celtic". His scoring dipped to 9.8 PPG and he was, for the most part, invisible on the court - playing hesitant and clearly thinking too much while given the PT. His play was so bad, in fact, he earned himself a special nickname here on Celticslife (given by JR) - The Invisible Man, and there was no question why. Sports writers, "experts", and even other pro athletes had began to call out Jeff because of his soft play, but all the talk and articles didn't make things any better for Green.

Fast forward to the present day, Green is no longer The Invisible Man. To kick off 2012-2013, Jeff Green had a very impressive preseason, scoring in double figures in 6 of the 8 preseason matchups. His new found aggressiveness and toughness is awesome to watch, as he is easily finding his way to the hoop with his (patented?) one-dribble-drive finishing it off with a nasty flush. Now with Rondo & Sullinger out for the season, Green's role grows even more, having to, at times, go back to his OKC roots playing the Power Forward position. This is the time when players must step to the forefront and show everyone what they are truly made of, and Jeff Green has answered the call with stellar play as a reserve this year.

While rising his trade value, Green is also showing Danny Ainge that he can indeed be a fixture for the future of the Boston Celtics. Youth and athleticism is something the Celtics haven't had in abundance over the past few seasons, but with Rondo, Bradley, Sully, and Green in our lineup, the future is looking pretty good to me. The Iron Mans' heart condition was a blessing in disguise.

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