Doc thinks Celtics will re-sign Terrence Williams after his 10-day deal expires

From the Globe's Baxter Holmes twitter account.

This shouldn't come to a huge surprise to anyone, considering Williams has played fairly decently in limited minutes, and his 10-day contract expires tomorrow, but it's good to hear it from Doc. Despite receiving a DNP-CD against Utah on Monday, Williams showed fantastic court vision and the ability to lead the team in transition during both the Lakers and Suns games.

As someone who loved T-Will's game at Louisville, I hope that he gets a chance to stick around a little longer. Very few players his size (6'6") see plays develop before they happen, and those who do are not available at this time of year. In the 3 games Williams has appeared in he has averaged 4.3 points, 2.7 rebounds and 2 assists in just under 15 minutes per game.

Another reason that Williams will most likely stick around past tomorrow? A lack of alternatives. From WEEI's Ben Rohrbach.

Seems like a pretty easy choice for Danny. Re-signing Williams gives the C's a little time to see where he, the newly signed D.J. White, and the newly acquired Jordan Crawford fit into the rotation as the team gears up for the stretch run.

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