Derek Fisher is a piece of shit

What a fabulous idea ladies!
I've been waiting to write this one for quite some time but I'm elated with having even more irrefutable evidence to support my argument.  I might not be the best person to write this, considering my disdain for anything LA, but hear me out.

Back in 2007 Derek Fisher convinced the Jazz that he needed to spend time with his ailing daughter who was suffering from cancer in her left eye.  The Jazz obliged Fisher by releasing him out of his contract so he could "concentrate on finding the best care for his daughter." After saying, “life for me outweighs the game of basketball,” Fisher would proceed to sign a three-year deal to return to the Lakers, one of Utah's biggest rivals in the Western Conference.  He was the starting guard on a team that would make three straight Finals and win two titles. 

Fast forward to this week.   Fisher signed with Dallas last year but quickly asked for and received his
This was the right call
release on Dec. 22 so he could spend more time with his family, as he explained in a prepared statement.  Now with 26 games left before the start of the playoffs, family concerns are no longer an issue for Fisher, who wore No. 6 for the Mavs because, as he said, he joined them on a quest for a sixth title. “This is not a pit stop,” Fisher had told his new Dallas teammates (that's a lie).

So sure enough he will also wear No. 6 for the Thunder. He will make his second OKC debut in as many seasons at home Wednesday against the New Orleans Hornets.

So why did he come back to the Mavs?  According to this terrific and brutally-honest piece by Jason Whitlock, Whitlock suggested that Fisher’s sole intention when he signed with the Mavs — or with any team that would sign him — was to make himself eligible to maintain his position as NBPA president. If Fisher remained out of the league, he couldn’t lead the union.

Then he could proceed with the "hanging" of Billy Hunter that he so lusted after.   Whitlock's even got some voices in his camp; here's what former NBA player and NBPA vice-president Maurice Evans had to say about it:
“I give (Derek) a round of applause for being able to pull off this stunt and pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.  They were able to circumvent (the system) by putting him on a team for a day and a half so he could be reinstated as president,” Evans claimed. “I don’t know who (are) the powers that be to put that in place, but D. Fish was only on the Mavericks this year so they could pull this stunt off, so they could get Billy Hunter out of office.”

Derek Fisher doing something dishonest?  No way!  You mean like all the constant flopping he did while playing for years?  Geez I'd be shocked!  You mean like fucking over the Jazz and going to LA?  Or screwing the Mavs and joining the Thunder?  Fisher is a prima donna, a ring-chaser-extraordinaire.  He goes wherever suits him best and uses family issues as his alibi, making him the lowest form of life.  If the Flakers had the same record as the Thunder you could bet your sweet ass he'd be back in LA.

Why sign with LA after 2007 after convincing the Jazz to release you?  Oh right because he was looking for the best care for his daughter.  Then why not go to the Knicks or Nets (both of whom showed interest) which is where you got the actual surgery performed (New York City)?  Wouldn't that make sense to get your daughter the best care?  No, because the Knicks and Nets were irrelevant back then and not close to winning a title.  But that's how D Fish has always rolled.  He gives off the image of being some sincere, genuine guy but he's a conniving snake.  A gutless bastard.  A real piece of shit.

Don't believe me?  Here are three reactions to Dallas players/personnel upon hearing he would be signing with the Thunder this week:
  • "It wasn't a big surprise," one Mavs veteran said. "We expected him to end up with the Lakers or OKC."
  • Added another Dallas veteran, while rolling his eyes: "Good for him. Good for him."
  • According to, a league source described the Mavs' front office as "agitated" by Fisher's decision to sign with Oklahoma City less than three months after his sudden exit from Dallas.
Courtesy of the Derek Fisher Flop Academy
It was egregious to me at the time of the 2010 Finals when Mike Breen would mention Ray Allen and this asshole in the same breath, talking how they both epitomized being the consummate professional.  Say what you want about Ray (and Celtics' fans have a lot) but he was never un-true to his team.  He never talked his way out of a contract and went to sign with a rival within the same conference, not once, but twice.  Yes how Ray left was disappointing but there's many stories about how Ray's pride was hurt and how there was friction with Rondo.  Ray Allen has dignity and even if he seemed to stick it to the Celtics (by joining one of their biggest rivals) he did it at his own-will: as a free agent.  Not by using family as an excuse to get out of a contract.  Ray Allen is a hall of famer and not a con-artist.  Derek Fisher is not a hall of famer.

Kelly Dwyer from Ball Don't Lie chimes in on Fisher's OKC signing:
I can understand the personal aspect of it. Fisher was under no obligation to let the Mavericks know he was in talks with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and it’s not typical for ex-players to give ex-teams the ol’ ex-heads up before they put pen to paper with a new team. Fisher was waived under unorthodox circumstances, though. He asked to rehab his knee injury with his family before diving fully into the work of (rightfully) usurping Billy Hunter in the Players Association front office. Days after that work was done, he signed with the Thunder – a much, much better team that didn’t have use for Fisher earlier in the season (with Maynor’s potential still in place) when he signed with Dallas. 

Credit ballislife for this gem
So forget the apologists for Fisher who will claim I don't have my facts straight.  I've watched him "act" on the basketball court for years.  He's the biggest flopper in recent memory in NBA history.  He's an overly dirty player, always seeing what he could get away with.  It doesn't surprise me the unethical parallels of ball player and Player's Association head are so similar.  Breaking NBA contracts for atypical reasons?  Been there.  Trying with all his power to usurp Bill Hunter before he's out of the league?  Done that.  I agree with Mo Evans on that one.

I love Kevin Durant and if the Celtics don't win the title, it'd be cool seeing the Thunder pull it off.  But not by adding this douchebag.  Seriously hang it up, Derek, you've done this kind of thing far too often and frankly, everyone's sick of it.

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