Dear Boston Celtics,

I want Kobe to feel like this tonight.

Ok Boston Celtics' Franchise, I need a huge favor from y'all. Please, beat LA. That is all I am asking from you, because up to this point, you have been messing with my heart and emotions all year long. Please beat our most hated rival tonight.

We started the season as potentially the only team that could dethrone the Miami Heat for the Eastern Conference crown. Things looked promising, with a new bench that Danny constructed, I was positive we would make a huge splash. Started the season, 5 and 3 with a potential MVP candidate in Rajon Rondo. We eventually began slipping until we got a big win against the Oklahoma City Thunder. I thought we would for sure turn things around, but it didn't. We continues to play .500 ball, until the win on Christmas to the Brooklyn Nets, I thought, this was our turning point. Then we lose the next four games by an average of 20 points. We then spring the best basketball of our season with a strong 6 game winning streak. I was so proud and ready for our season the get underway! Well, then we lose 6 straight games and lost a 27 point lead to the Hawks. I was about to say "Trade everybody" at this point until BAM! 5 game winning streak after that game, including a win over the Heat, and a comeback win against the Raptors last night.

You also have given us major injuries, Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger both out for the year. Avery Bradley has been in and out of the line-up and Chris Wilcox has barely played. You have given us a bit of Darko Millic, a tease of Jeff Green, and inconsistent new comers (Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, and Leandro Barbosa). We have been hearing trade rumors and Doc Rivers rant since day one, while this whirlwind of a season cannot end. This season has been the craziest, most crack-headed, season I have been a part of as a fan, and all I am asking you in return is to beat the team that has given me pain my entire life.

All of us adoring Boston Celtics fans, would love it if you would beat the Lakers. Heck, we have only beaten them once since game 5 of the 2010 NBA finals, so we are long overdue. I think the win tonight could salvage the season and make it worth all the pains and sorrows we have had all season long. We are everything the Lakers are not, team unity and self-sacrifice, compared to selfish and all about the stats. Let's help Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers move one step closer to missing the playoffs.

Beat LA, Beat LA, Beat LA,


Terry Peterson, biggest Laker hater, EVER.

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