Danny Ainge explains Jeff Green's on-off switch

Ainge's weekly appearance on "the Big Show" has given us a lot of valuable information about the Celtics difficult week ahead, but one gem that might get lost in all the "what's going to happen next?" talk is his view on Jeff Green's efficiency. Green's performance has confused us often especially early in the season when he'd play great one night and then become an invisible man the next. According to Ainge, it's all about match-ups and how we make use of them (or don't):
"(...)we exploit a matchup. Jeff comes in, and he can play the two, the three, the four. We have a matchup advantage, we go to Jeff, and he scores a couple of baskets in a spectacular fashion. He makes a beautiful pass to a wide-open Jason Terry for a three when they come to double-team him. And then, they make the adjustment at halftime and they come to double-team him and front him in the post. They’re not going to let him catch the ball in the post and take advantage of the matchups. And then, we didn’t do a good job of exploiting that, and so he’s taken out of the game. All someone had to do was front Jeff — no help from the weak side, Noah was jamming up the paint. And the rest of our team, we weren’t able to exploit that matchup any more, so Jeff is sort of taken out of it. And that’s been sort of the pattern with Jeff — when Jeff does have a matchup advantage throughout the year, our spacing is bad, we’re not reacting well to how the team is defending it."
Jeff Green is going to become a very important player, especially come playoff time because a Rondo-less Celtics team will have to get quite creative in halfcourt offense, and the ironic lack of depth in the backcourt we now have will force him to play at two sometimes. Given his size, athleticism and mediocre shooting (he's improved his corner threes if you haven't noticed), he has a chance to become the Celtics' wild card. Yet for that to happen, the team has to understand these new schemes we'll run exploiting Green's match-ups.

Fortunately, we'll have plenty of time to figure that out, and if we do, no one will ever talk about Green's contract. Let's see how it turns out.