Chris Paul could decide how aggressively Clippers pursue KG

Chris Paul has had a huge impact on the LA Clippers. Once the laughing stock of the league, the combination of Paul and Blake Griffin has elevated the Lakers' red-headed step child to one of the NBA's elite. Still, it's a team that could get better. One method to accomplish that has to do with several rumors that the Clippers and Celtics were exploring a trade to send Kevin Garnett to LA.

It's not often that players really have much input on potential trades or player personnel moves. In the case of Chris Paul, there is apparently an exception.

via Adrian Wojnarowski,Yahoo Sports:
"If Chris wants Vinny [Del Negro], he'll be the coach," one source tied to the Clippers and Paul said. "If Chris wants [Kevin Garnett], they'll push harder for it."

Now, obviously there's a lot more factors contingent on whether or not Kevin Garnett becomes a Clipper. First of all, he'd have to waive his no trade clause. He's already publicly stated several times that he wouldn't, so really this might be a moot point.

No matter how hard Chris Paul clamors for KG to come to LA, the best the Clippers would probably offer is the Eric Bledsoe, DeAndre Jordan deal. That would be a massive haul for Boston and, in some minds, an overpay for LA. If that's already been reported as a rumor and it hasn't gone down by now, you can assume it might be dead or was never really on the table. While it's possible that Garnett might waive it to let the Celtics do what's best for them, I would categorize that as unlikely. It would have to be a serious haul for him to consider it, just based on the answers he's given to the media about it.

Still, Chris Paul hasn't been shy with his praise for KG. Even though it's unlikely KG gets shipped to LA, that shouldn't prevent us from lapping up all the compliments Chris Paul has for The Big Ticket.

"KG is one of those guys that's once in a lifetime," said Clippers guard Chris Paul. "I'll never forget the first two or three times I played against KG when I came into the league. We both got techs every game just because of the intensity. He'd say something to me, and I wasn't going to back down. He's one of those guys that I genuinely appreciate and always said this, I'd love to have KG on my team. He's focused and I love that about him."

So, while it's possible that Paul could go to the front office and rally for them to trade for KG, it's really out of the Clippers control to a certain extent. The DJ-Bledsoe offer is a pretty steep price to pay for a veteran on the verge of retiring, if KG wouldn't waive his clause for that (if it even was on the table in the first place, you know how these rumors go) then what would he waive it for?

Again, according to him, nothing.

Still, it's nice to know Chris Paul likes our player so much. Too bad he can't have him. Because, as Garnett says, he bleeds green, he dies green.