Celtics player grades vs Denver Nuggets

The Boston Celtics lost to the Denver Nuggets 97-90
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Celticslife Game Recap

Player Grades:
I grade on a curve!

Kevin Garnett: 12 Points, 9 Rebounds
KG had a good game tonight, marred by several missed baskets late. He rebounded decently, passed well, and gave the team efficiency, if not volume. But late in the game he missed some layups, although whether or not he was fouled on those plays is questionable. Despite all that, Garnett put in a very acceptable performance tonight, counting all of the external factors.

Brandon Bass: 6 Points, 9 Rebounds
Bass made a very good effort tonight on the glass, which was crucial in keeping the rebounding differential less than it would have ended up otherwise. He didn't do much offensively, but it was a solid effort for the limited big man.

Paul Pierce: 10 Points, 6 Rebounds, 6 Assists
Pierce was a no-show offensively, as he was pitiful from the field. He settled far too much on taking jumpers, and did not venture much into the paint. He should be commended for his aggressiveness in drawing free throws, his rebounding, and his playmaking, but it is extremely hard to ignore such a bad shooting night from the Captain.

Avery Bradley: 17 Points
Avery had a good game offensively today, which coupled with his defense earns him a high grade. He didn't shoot particularly well from the perimeter, but he was effective around the rim and in the paint. His defense deserves the most praise however, as he did his usual hard close-outs and was stout on switches. Ty Lawson may have went off, but only some of the blame falls on Avery. Overall it was a good night from him.

Courtney Lee: 15 Points
Courtney had a very efficient game tonight, hitting the majority of his shots, including 2 3-pointers. He was aggressive and shot well, something that is welcome any night. But his defense was lax and not entirely effective tonight. A good night offensively, but forgettable otherwise.

Jeff Green: 20 Points
Green scored well the entire night, and hit 2 big shots late to almost get the Celtics a win. He also had an incredible clutch highlight block on Corey Brewer, showing off his athleticism. On a night when the Captain couldn't get it going, Green stepped up. But producing in some other departments would be welcome as well.

Chris Wilcox:
Played a forgettable 10 minutes. It seems like his role has severely shrunk on this team.

Jason Collins:
Like Wilcox he didn't play that much, but he went hard on the boards during his limited court time (even if he didn't grab that many). That has to count for something.

Jason Terry:
He was invisible on the court tonight. Needed some more shots, but it is hard to blame others for that. Has to do a better job forcing the issue on offense.

Boston Celtics: 90 Points, 39 Rebounds, 22 Assists
The Celtics played well enough to win tonight, despite the lack of contributions from Paul Pierce and Jason Terry. Their defense was to thank, as they limited Denver from the field. But they could not stop Denver from executing one of their key strategies, which is getting to the line. The Celtics did well enough offensively until they made several mistakes late in the game. The rebounding was also troubling, costing the Celtics late as well. It was a game that could have gone either way, that the Celtics just could not pull out. Considering how good Denver is at home, a small moral victory could be taken away from this effort. The Celtics play tomorrow (2/20) against the LA Lakers.

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