Celtics player grades vs Chicago Bulls

The Boston Celtics beat the Chicago Bulls 71-69
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Player Grades:
I grade on a curve!

Kevin Garnett:  12 Points, 11 Rebounds
KG was one of the few Celtics who shot decently tonight, and did his job helping to carry the burden of most of the other players struggling. He did a good job on the boards against a very dangerous team in that department, and he made the final shot to seal the win. In a game that was mostly a grind, KG led the way to grab the win.

Brandon Bass: 14 Points, 9 Rebounds
Kevin Garnett may have led the Celtics tonight, but Bass was the force that kept the Celtics in the game. Bass was aggressive all night, especially on the boards. He made life very difficult for the Chicago big men, and did his best to wear them down. He energetically blew up plays on defense, and was stout in his individual defense. His jumper stayed consistent, and his efficient shooting was crucial in a game devoid of good offense. Watching Bass hustle may be one of the best things in the league, as he gets a full head of steam and refuses to stop for anything. A great game from the forward tonight.

Paul Pierce: 8 Points, 6 Rebounds, 6 Assists
Pierce was hit hardest by the bad offense tonight (2-12 shooting), and he didn't make the all-around impact he has been making recently. The physicality of the game threw him off for most of the night, but he did bounce back and hit an important pair of free throws at the end of the game. But it is hard to ignore how much he struggled tonight.

Avery Bradley: 10 Points
Bradley had a game of extremes tonight- very poor offensively but game-changing on the defense side of the ball. His pressure was crucial tonight, and he did an excellent job making life hell for the Chicago guards. He got whistled for 6 personal fouls, but a couple of them were undeserved. His aggressiveness on that end unfortunately gives him little leeway with the referees. But offensively, he was another Celtic who shot poorly. While we all know Avery does most of his damage on the defensive end, the offensive end is not something that we can ignore either.

Courtney Lee: 7 Points
Lee did his job as a role player tonight. Come in and eat some minutes, hit some shots, and try to make an impact defensively. It would have been nice if he gave us a little more though.

Jeff Green: 8 Points, 5 Rebounds
Jeff's recent hot shooting abandoned him tonight, and he struggled to score. But even with his struggles from the field, he did his best to make an impact by grabbing rebounds and trying to get to the free throw line. Disappointing considering his recent play, but also understandable because of it.

Chris Wilcox:
He didn't play much, but it would have been nice for him to get some shots and try and score some easy points for the struggling offense.

Jason Collins:
Used his body to be big. Although 3 rebounds is a pretty good day for him.

Jason Terry: 12 Points
Terry actually shot well today, and should have gotten more shots. He has been pretty consistent offensively lately, which is very relieving to see. Now it is a matter of centering the offense a bit more around him.

Boston Celtics: 71 Points, 39 Rebounds, 18 Assists
The Celtics played their second straight close game, but this time they managed to pull out the win. It was an extremely ugly offensive showing from both teams today, but the Celtics did manage to do well in some respects. They did a great job limiting their turnovers, and forcing them from Chicago. While the Bulls did outrebound the Celtics, the impact of that was lessened tonight (except for Boozer's tip-in near the end of the game). The Celtics played poorly, but they managed to survive a game that could have gone in any direction. A tough game, but a good win. The Celtics take a break for All-Star Weekend, and will next play the Denver Nuggets next Tuesday (02/19/13).

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