Looks like Celtics no longer in the running for Josh Smith

It was fun while it lasted. While the below doesn't necessarily mean that something couldn't change between now and 3 p.m. tomorrow, it appears that the Celtics aren't in the top three for Josh Smith anymore.

There was one rumor that the Celtics were offering Jeff Green and Brandon Bass in exchange for Smith, which was almost laughable. There was absolutely no chance that Atlanta would take that deal. And so, it appeared that in order to land Josh Smith the Celtics would have to part with Paul Pierce.

While that would enrage many Celtics fans, that's not the only obstacle in moving in Pierce. There's also not a huge market for him. A. Sherrod Blakely earlier described league interest in Pierce as "lukewarm".

The Celtics simply don't have the pieces to make a major trade.

Still, the fact that Smith might be dealt elsewhere doesn't completely rule out the possibility he could come to Boston. Smith has been very complimentary of the Celtics in the past, and it was reported earlier that his primary destination was Boston. If Kevin Garnett retires after the season, the Celtics could trade either Bass, Terry or Lee for draft picks and be able to sign Smith to the max contract he's demanding. Whether that'd be a smart move or not is certainly debatable.

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