Celtics look to extend winning streak against Los Angeles Clippers

The Celtics are feeling pretty good about their recent success without two of their key players and are looking to continue building on it.  They are feeling more comfortable with the run and gun style and have found it has made them more aggressive with their attacks.

They have managed to beat the Miami Heat during this revival of grit and balls; but since the Heat are a natural rival you can take it with a grain of salt.  It doesn't matter how inconsistent the team is, they rise to the occasion when it comes to playing the super friends in Miami.

Boston does have a small sample size to fall back on; though it was before the injury bug hit.  They have beaten the Oklahoma Thunder, Knicks twice and Pacers. Team green has not let the loss of Rondo and Jared Sullinger keep them from excelling.  This still does not mean that they have figured out who they are.  You can still see the pull and tug of a team that  really doesn't want to apply itself all the time.

Now the Clip show has come to town.  The last time the teams met it turned into a horror show for them.  Rondo had four turnovers with only six assists and the Celtics were dismissed like last night's leftovers. It was not a pretty sight.

Where the Celtics have been finding their stride, the Clippers have been having their own struggles.  Like Rondo, Chris Paul is having his own knee issues and is not in the lineup.  The Clippers have a capable backup in Eric Bledsoe; but his inexperience has caused some frustration and disharmony.

This is a perfect storm for two teams playing without their all-star floor general. The only difference is Chris Paul will be back this year and the Celtics still have to deal with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.  Let 's not forget sixth man extraordinaire Jamal Crawford.

If the Celtics beat the Clips on Sunday, then they can say they are on their way to building a solid foundation for the future.