Blakely: Rondo has only partial ACL tear, could return sooner than expected

Well this is really, really, reallllly interesting. According to CSNNE's A. Sherrod Blakely, Celtics PG Rajon Rondo, thought to be out until next season with a torn ACL, has only a partial tear, and may come back sooner than expected. From the article. 

The agent for Rajon Rondo tells that the torn ACL injury suffered by Rondo is a partial tear, opening the door for him to possibly return to the floor sooner than anticipated.

Following the injury, Rondo's timetable to return to action was expected to be sometime before the start of next season.

"It's still too early to tell for sure," his agent Bill Duffy told "But we are very optimistic about his return now that we know his injury is only a partial tear and not a full tear."

Since he suffered the injury, Duffy said Rondo has been educating himself on all his options from which type of surgery to have performed to who will be the doctor performing it. reported earlier that the famed orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews was among the physicians Rondo planned to speak with before making a decision on the best course of action to take.

Rondo was at the TD Garden during Boston's blowout win over the Los Angeles Lakers, wearing workout clothes.

It is unclear what, if any, conditioning work he did while in the building.

Ok so obviously we need way more information on this before jumping to any 'RONDO'S BACK FOR THE PLAYOFFS' conclusions. But I stressed this when he originally tore the thing - Rondo is a freak of nature who does nothing the normal way. Tearing it and then walking around on it made no Earthly sense. Neither does coming back just three months after a tear and returning for the playoffs.

In other words, stay tuned.

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