Are the Celtics better off without making a major move

The Celtics players can exhale now that the trade deadline has past with barely a blip on the radar screen.  Boston has made some minor moves to add to their guard core, but still failed to address the donut hole in the middle. The one thing that makes me wander what the "#@#$", Doc Rivers and Danny have in mind for the race to the playoffs was the trade of Jason Collins.

Collins has become a part of the long line of 'bigs' who had lost their athleticism and ability to contribute that have donned the green in the past few years. It first started with P.J. Brown, but he did provide his two minutes of fame to contribute to banner 17. The Celtics thought they could duplicate that effort with Rasheed Wallace, who promptly showed that "ball did lie" when it came to him.  He is currently on injured reserve for the Knicks after attempting a comeback.

Then there was the other O'Neal, Jermaine, whose hands kept getting cold because he didn't get the touches he wanted. Danny then had the brilliant idea of teaming him up with "Shaqtin the fool" O'Neal, who was clearly not anywhere near the all-star he was in his earlier years. J.O. was let go because his wrist couldn't heal without those touches and Shaq who had weight issues that clearly robbed him of lift and created more injury problems had to retire.

Now that Collins is gone, they are left with an undersized Chris Wilcox, an aging Garnett and a rookie in Fab  Melo who is constantly picking splinters out of his butt.  Yet if you ask Danny, Doc, KG and PP, they will say they like their chances.

The additions of Terrence Williams and Jordan Crawford show that they are sticking to the game plan of making small-ball work for them.  If that is what they truly want to do then Doc has to do the right thing and place Jeff Green in the starting lineup.  If he is sticking with Bass as his starting four then Pierce should be the closer not the starter. Otherwise, including Jason Collins in the Crawford trade could come back to haunt them.

Williams and Crawford bring the kind of athleticism and aggressiveness off the bench that Jason Terry gives in short spurts. This may be a very smart move; instead of messing with the starting unit, Danny has addressed the need for youth  and scoring off the bench that the team needs to maybe help them  keep their mercurial point guard as part of the solution. Though very few feel that Rondo will remain a Celtic throughout the life of his current contract.

If the Celtics truly want to remain more than an afterthought and remain competitive playing small-ball Rondo must be part of the equation. There is no other guard in the league besides Chris Paul and possibly Tony Parker (Derrick Rose has to prove he still has his trademark explosiveness), that can elevate their game to super-star level in the second season.

Rondo's injury was not as severe as Roses', he used the same surgeon as the Minnesota Vikings running back, Adrian Petersen; therefore his recovery time should be shorter. Like Rose he has to prove himself on the court again.

Danny has done a credible job with the limited options without sacrificing cap-space, draft picks and most importantly, KG and Pierce.  Both of which can help Crawford and T-Will with their work ethic, tenacity and veteran leadership. There are roughly 25 games left in the season and the clock is ticking on who will stay and who will go during the off-season.

Celtic management is firmly entrenched in auditioning mode to see who can stand the pressures of standing up and be counted when the playoffs come around. Did Danny do well, or is this a lot of smoke and mirrors to make it seem like they can continue to win games and be a threat to improve their standings in the Eastern Conference.

Voice your opinion here Celtics nation, will this team continue the trend of losing multiple games or will they right the ship with the added fire power on the bench?