Ainge says he's not shopping Rajon Rondo, Broussard says he is

Some he said/she said stuff with less than two days to go before the trade deadline. Here's Danny Ainge:
I’m not trading Rajon Rondo away for discounted dollars because he’s hurt. We collectively as an organization have decided not to do that.

And now Chris Broussard:
Sources say Boston willing to trade injured PG Rajon Rondo in right deal.

For one reason or another a lot of fans dislike Broussard and think he makes stuff up, but personally I believe what he's saying. Ainge has been shopping Rondo for YEARS. For the "right deal" he'd 100% trade him. Now Ainge saying he's not shopping Rondo doesn't really mean much as every GM always denies shopping their stars. Maybe Ainge has decided not to shop Rondo this deadline (probably because due to the ACL tear he could only get 50 cents on the dollar), but don't just dismiss the possibility because Ainge says so.

I'd be shocked if Ainge traded Rondo this week. No one ever gives up good value for injured players. I do think as long as Rondo and Ainge are both in Boston, Rondo's name will always come up in trade talks. It's just that right now is the least likely time for something to happen.

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