Afternoon Delight: Dwight the Forever Clown

Recently, the Clown, Dwight Howard, told ESPN that he'd like to avoid the "circus" that his impending free agency may bring to the Lakers in this ongoing campaign.  This "circus" he speaks of refers to all the drama his free agency brings similar to the so-called, "Dwightmare," he experienced during his last season in Orlando.

Unfortunately Dwight, as much as you'd like to think you can quit the circus, the circus can't quit you.  You are and always will be - a clown in a circus - and available image and footage (below) further cement your legacy in the big top:

No PhotoShop.  Dwight (cross) dresses and ramps it up as Rihanna here on Spanish t.v. a couple of years ago

In the immortal words of KG: Go Paint Your Face Clown!

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