Where have Rajon Rondo's assists gone?

Through Rondo's first 19 games this season, the Celtics point guard averaged 12.9 assists per night.  In fact, the only time during that stretch he didn't have at least 10 assists was the infamous "Brooklyn brawl game," in which he was ejected before halftime.   Boston had a record of 11-8 in those contests.  Nothing spectacular, but good enough to avoid major concern.  Starting with the loss in San Antonio on 12/15, Rondo's assist average has dropped by nearly 35%.  Over his last 8 games he's posting just 8.4 a night, 4.5 fewer than before.  The Celtics record in that time: 2-6 (2-7 including the game he missed).  Coincidence or correlation?

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