What's your favorite Celtics' logo of all time?

Despite the legacy that the Boston Celtics carry with them as the league's franchise with the most championships and the fact that it wasn't until the middle of the 2000s where they brought about alternate road-jerseys, it may come as a surprise to fans today that they have possessed as many logos as they've had over the years.  Above is a breakdown of them.

I will admit I had a t-shirt back in 2002 of the logo from 1946-1950 (not even knowing at the time it was from then).  On blogger for the longest time my icon was the 68-78 one (that some have claimed remind them of a pizza).  And just recently I bought an amazing t-shirt capturing the 1950-1960 one (although I don't think there's really any difference from 1950-1968, although maybe someone can clarify that orange background existed).

I had remembered that logo from back in the day when I had a few cards from the Fleer 1962 basketball set of Sam Jones, Tommy Heinsohn, Tom Sanders and KC Jones.  Here's what they looked like:

So my question for Celtics' nation is which logo did you like the best and why?