Rajon Rondo suspended, again, this time for one game

Image credit: Chris Forsberg

This means Rondo will miss a marquee game with the New York Knicks.

The "failure" to cooperate with the league investigation part is the most curious. Apparently the incident in question happened late in the third quarter of the Hawks game.

For what it's worth, the Hawks general manager Danny Ferry was fined $15,000 for an "improper interaction" with a game official.

Rondo is going to start getting this kind of punishment just based on reputation. A lot has been made about Rajon Rondo needing to clean up his act. I think most of that is a load of crap. However, I think that's mostly with the whole "not being nice to the media" thing. When stuff like antagonizing officials ends up costing his team when he can't be out there, it's an issue.