Loving Every Moment the Los Angeles Lakers Lose

This week, I will be rooting for the Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, and the Oklahoma City Thunder. I will be rooting for the Boston Celtics of course, but there is a reason why I am rooting for those other teams:

I want the Los Angeles Lakers to be the biggest bust of all time. Dwight and Pau banged up? Kobe gets to shoot 45 times a night with this current roster. I love seeing Lakerland crumble or drown into quicksand. Some of you fans are probably saying, "Worry about the Celtics." Well we are on a three game winning streak and looking better everyday, it is time for my weekly Lakers bashing rant. The Los Angeles Lakers fans are miserable and I love it. These fans need to feel the pain! I want everyone to become Los Angeles Clippers' bangwagon fans (if they aren't already).

Drinks on me if the Lakers lose all 3 of those games. I will video blog on Monday of me dancing around in my Celtics t-shirt to "Gangnam Style" if they lose all three.

The Lakers would be 15-21 at that point and looking for answers, while I will be laughing up and down the Bay Bridge.

Imagine us winning the championship and the Lakers blow-up their team, oh my gosh, I am smiling just thinking about it!

Lakers fans' Logic!

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