Leandro Barbosa's emotional story

We hope Barbosa's mother-in-law gets better soon.
The line between rumors and reality is often times blurred in sports media, and not intentionally in most cases. Mistiming, misunderstanding, misreading between the lines are human errors. Sometimes it is the fans that commit that error: We want to connect the dots, and since we do not have all the info we need, we fail.

Barbosa's name has recently come up in two situations: Playing time and trade rumor. Yet I, among many, have forgotten about his absence in late-December due to personal issues. Another brilliant piece by Jessica Camerato explains what happened.
"My mother-in-law, she's in a coma," Barbosa told CSNNE.com. "I have to go and try to help, so it's kind of hard. At the same time, I have a job and I have to be here, so I had to come back. The situation is still going on."

Barbosa's mother-on-law needs a kidney transplant to survive. Last month she was placed in a medically-induced coma while doctors attempt to find a donor. Barbosa has been juggling the NBA schedule with a race against time to help his family.
This reminds me of what happened with Darko Milicic to an extent. Oh, life. This is another example where lack of playing time and unhappiness can be explained by off-court issues, and I'm glad reporters like Camerato shed light onto the personal aspect of our beloved athlete's lives.

Speaking of personal issues, please read the whole piece. Barbosa's story growing up in a poor neighborhood sometimes without basic needs such as food, water, his decision to become a basketball players and the hard work he's put into his career is touching to say the least.

Sports is never just about sports. It is good to remember that from time to time.