JET: We're the "Gangster Squad"

In Jason Terry's latest diary on ESPN he explained the difference in the Celtics' recent performances and his nickname for the Celtics' bench:
Defense has been the difference in this five-game win streak. We found our identity. We struggled to find our identity early in the year. We knew what we wanted it to be, but to actually make it happen out on the court it took for Avery to come back for us to really say, "OK, we're a defensive team first and we're opportunistic with our defense where we can get easy baskets offensively." I think that's been the biggest difference in our wins and losses.

Another difference is our bench is intact. It's how we envisioned it from day one with myself, [Jared] Sullinger, Jeff Green and Courtney Lee. We spent all training camp working on that particular group and the chemistry was there, but we never got to put it in motion. Now that it is, you can see how dangerous we are. I've nicknamed the bench "Gangster Squad" after the new movie that is out. I love it as a nickname.

We're loving the "Gangster Squad" too because it's a cool nickname for a bench that has come through like bad asses in the past five games.  This is, as JET says, the way that we all envisioned this deep C's bench to be and to see them all finally coming together is terrific.  Of course, seeing Molly McGrath in a red gown would be pretty terrific in itself.  :-)

What do you all think of JET's new nickname for the bench?  What do you all think of Molly?  :-)  Let us know in the comments section!

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