Jared Sullinger has the best +/- this season of any Boston Celtic

While many write off the +/- statistic as often not being an accurate measure of a player's efficiency, it is rather interesting that rookie Jared Sullinger leads all of the Boston Celtics this season in terms of his +/- rating:

Many Celtics fans have been eagerly awaiting the day that Doc Rivers adds Sully to the starting line-up (myself included). His rebounding alone would really help the starters, and I am curious to see what the chemistry would be like on the floor having Rondo and two younger guys in Sully and Avery Bradley along with the veteran leadership of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

I am not a stats person so analyzing the data isn't my forte, but I do find it interesting that if you look at the NBA's stats of the Celtics' top 5-player combinations, Sullinger isn't in their top line-up, but does appear in #s 2-7, and no other Celtic appears 6 out of 7 times in the top 7 combos.

Anyways, it's still early in the season, and the stats will change as soon as Avery Bradley gets more games under his belt as well. I'd be really curious to see if a line-up with Avery Bradley, Rondo, Sully, Pierce, and KG would take over as the Celtics' best 5-player combo.

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Thanks to ab_0 from the shoutbox for providing the +/- stats