Doc Rivers will send video of the jump ball incident in Bulls game to be reviewed by the NBA

According to Comcast SportsNet New England, Celtics coach Doc Rivers will submit a video of the play that the officials ruled a jump ball against the Chicago Bulls on Friday night to the league. It was a game-altering call, as the Celtics were up by two points and had possession of the ball with 12 seconds left in the game, and what looked to be a foul on Paul Pierce was ruled a jump ball by the refs, allowing the Bulls to regain possession and send the game into overtime, with the Bulls eventually becoming the victors by one point.

"(Pierce) was fouled, there's no doubt about that," Rivers said prior to Saturday's practice. "I also thought if you watch it, Rondo absolutely called a timeout and it's clear. He was literally an inch away from Marc Davis' face and did it twice. And then you can see Sean Corbin's hand go up for a jumpball. So it was clear that, in my opinion, he was fouled, number one. And number two, we got the timeout and it wasn't called."

Doc also addressed the issue that official Marc Davis, who was next to Rondo when Rondo called a timeout that was not honored, is the ref that Rondo got suspended for bumping last season. Doc doesn't believe that played a role in Davis ignoring Rondo's timeout, but it seems fishy to me.

 "I hope there's never any grudges and stuff like that being held," he said. "It is a human game, and so you do know that. I think our league is better than that."

Although having a GM submit a video of Rondo resulted in Rondo getting suspended, Doc Rivers submitting this tape will probably amount to nothing. Although I wish it could result in some sort of ref fine or suspension.

Video of the incident in question starts at 1:35 into the video below: