Dear Avery Bradley, My Apologies

Dear Mr. Bradley,

I am sorry, really sorry, I doubted your Super-powers and the impact one player can make on an ailing roster.

Other then that stinker last night, every ones' moral has been higher, people have played better, our defense is BACK, and we are starting to play Boston Celtics basketball. Jason Terry is back resuming his bench role while Courtney Lee is starting to play like the player we signed.

At the beginning of the season, I wanted Courtney Lee to start over you. I thought even though last season you had some success, I just thought the injury would be too much for you to overcome this season. I thought Jason Terry had a better offensive game then you so he should probably play more backup two guard. I know these thoughts were crazy, but you have proven me wrong.

Our team's defense? Awesome since you have came back. Yes we have had some bad games offensively but defensively I am very impressed. I went to the Warriors game on December 29th and our defense was awful. Now that you have returned, the instensity has picked up and our players have been playing much better.

So in the end, all I have to say is, I am sorry Avery Bradley, I believe in your Jedi-super hero skills and I hope they still continue. Keep playing well and help leading our team.

Love always,

Terry P

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