Celtics Player Grades vs Houston Rockets

The Boston Celtics beat the Houston Rockets 103-91
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Player Grades:

Kevin Garnett: 17 Points, 8 Rebounds
KG gave us all we wanted offensively, and on the boards, but his defense was the star tonight. His efforts were crucial to slowing down the Houston Rockets, one of the best offensive teams in the league. He especially shined in the fourth quarter, where he helped keep the lead alive and win the game.

Brandon Bass: 4 Points, 3 Rebounds
Quiet game tonight.

Paul Pierce: 23 Points, 6 Rebounds
Excellent game from the captain. He made crucial efforts in the second half to make sure we did not give up the lead. He was highly efficient, and did a good job helping out on the boards. And the best thing? He played less than 30 minutes.

Rajon Rondo: 12 Points, 8 Assists
Rondo had an up and down game, but there were good points. He played well on defense, and did a good job helping keep the lead in the fourth quarter. He shot poorly, but I have no problem with his play tonight.

Avery Bradley: 7 Points, 2 Rebounds
Avery shot poorly tonight, but once again his defense was consistent. He did his best to be a pest to James Harden, who still managed to get 24 points. Bradley might not always put up stats, but his defense always is available.

Jared Sullinger: 14 Points, 11 Rebounds
Wow. Will this guy let up? Another double-double for Sullinger, who was part of the great bench effort tonight. Sullinger scored in a variety of ways tonight, showing off his skill on that side. But rebounds were key as always, and Jared delivered.

Jeff Green: 9 Points, 3 Rebounds
Green did not have a gaudy impact, but he played well. He helped the bench establish the lead with his scoring, and energized the arena with a thunderous dunk. I would take this from Green in only 19 minutes of play.

Jason Collins: 2 Rebounds, 2 Personal Fouls
Played 10 minutes and grabbed 2 rebounds. I will take it.

Courtney Lee: 14 Points, 3 Assists
Lee had a very underrated game tonight. He scored efficiently off of the bench, but his defense was the star tonight. He played the best perimeter defense in the game, even better than Bradley. He was absolutely stifling. Lee has been playing well for a while now and it is great to see the player that we thought we were getting emerge.

Jason Terry: 3 Points, 4 Assists
Terry did not shoot that much (4 FGA) but he contributed in other ways. He continues to play with energy and does his best to utilize his playmaking ability. He has done a great job making up for his jumper disappearing. The fact that we are winning with such a dangerous weapon not shooting a lot is incredible. But the swagger and leadership Terry brings is very helpful. He will be ready for when he is needed.

Boston Celtics: 103 Points, 43 Rebounds, 22 Assists
The Celtics played well tonight. They did a great job offensively (shooting 51.9/39.1/75) while scoring over 100 points. The starters started off a bit slow, but kept the deficit small until the bench came in and blew it open. The ball movement was excellent, and the team's improved chemistry really showed. The team managed to let the Rockets come back, but they made the right plays to win. The heart and hustle of the bench, along with their play, is exactly what we thought we would get from them since the beginning. The only problem tonight was that the team turned the ball over too much. Other than that, a great night. The next game is on Monday, at home against the Charlotte Bobcats (9-26).

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