Celtics Player Grades vs Hornets

The New Orleans Hornets beat the Boston Celtics 90-78
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Player Grades:

Kevin Garnett: 15 Points, 4 Rebounds
KG got his points tonight but he seemed to lack energy and his usually crisp defense was spotty. He did not help out on the boards either. He did not hurt the team, but his normal impact was not there.

Brandon Bass: 9 Points, 7 Rebounds
Bass started the game off hot then suddenly disappeared. He rebounded well and gave us a decent amount of production offensively, but his defense was shaky tonight. It is somewhat displeasing to see that Bass still has not improved much as a help defender during his time here.

Paul Pierce: 12 Points, 10 Rebounds
Pierce rebounded like a champ tonight, but the rest of his game was downright ugly. He shot poorly (and too much) and seemed to have no desire to drive to the basket. He had a bunch of stupid fouls, including an attempt to take a charge when there was basically no time for the opposing player to get a shot off (due to the shot clock winding down). Not a good night for the Captain.

Rajon Rondo: 7 Points, 11 Assists
Rough night for Rondo. He looked pretty good in the first half, but had a terrible second one. He tried his best in the fourth to take the lead (leading a small run), but he could not get over the hump. Decent effort muddied by several poor aspects.

Avery Bradley: 4 Points, 3 Steals
Avery was nowhere near aggressive enough on offense tonight. We need more production from the guard spots. His defense was not bad, but I would not say it was a great showing. The N.O guards were a little too comfortable tonight. He has been playing well since he returned, but tonight was a poor outing I would say.

Jared Sullinger: 4 Points, 2 Rebounds
Sullinger battled foul trouble all night, and took a few too many jumpers in the fourth quarter. He made little impact tonight.

Jeff Green: 4 Points, 5 Rebounds
Again, another player not aggressive enough tonight. It was nice to see him grab 5 rebounds though. Hard to say he hurt us, but he certainly did not help us. Lot of guys in stasis tonight.

Jason Collins: 1 Block, 1 Personal Foul
Ran up and down for 4 minutes. Had a nice block, had a dumb foul.

Courtney Lee: 4 Points, 3 Assists
Courtney really hurt us tonight on offense. He missed some crucial corner shots, and basically sealed our best chance of coming back. He has been shooting really well as of late, so this is not a huge concern. His defense was not noticeable either.

Jason Terry: 12 Points
Hey he broke out of his shell! Terry had an efficient 12 points on the night, and seemed to be heating up, when suddenly he did not receive the ball anymore. Very disappointed that Doc did not demand to run the ball through Terry while he was hot. Terry had a game that I think I would take most nights, especially since his scoring stopped because of others.

Leandro Barbosa: 7 Points
Barbosa does not deserve to be out of the rotation. If Rondo/Bradley/Lee/Terry are having bad stretches, they should be pulled for him. The guy is being criminally underutilized by Doc. Especially tonight, when we could not hit anything after the second quarter. This team is not good offensively, it needs all the help it can get.

Boston Celtics: 78 Points, 33 Rebounds, 6-16 Free Throws
The team really struggled offensively tonight, against a poor defense. Again the Celtics have never been a great offensive team, and it showed tonight. This team depends too much on jumpshots and is not aggressive enough in driving to the basket and drawing free throws. It also killed itself by shooting 37.5% from the free throw line. Being dominated on the boards (48-33) was also an unpleasant sight. But this game was not as bad as some negative people will make it out to be. The Hornets are extremely hot right now, and this was an entirely winnable game, even with our struggles. Really the only thing this game reminded us was just how undependable our offense is. Best just to shake it off and prepare for the Chicago Bulls on Friday, 11/18/13.

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