Celtics interested in J.J. Redick?

As the trade deadline slowly approaches the amount of rumors will increase exponentially. This time, the rumor comes from Orlando and has been mentioned by David Baumann, from NBC Sports.

The name, J.J. Redick:

As usual, this doesn´t mean anything particularly new. We now Danny and Doc have always liked J.J. and they might be contacting Orlando to ask about the availability of Redick, but from that to an actual trade offer it may be a wide stretch.

The truth is that while Redick wouldn´t fill a major need in our roster, he would certainly help our team. Maybe - and this is just speculation from my part- he would be part of a bigger trade in which a third team would be involved and thanks to which we would be able to get a center. It is unknown whether Orlando would be interested by any of our players in particular or what they would be willing to take in return for Redick.

As always, take these rumors with precaution and just use it as a way to entice your imagination and as a certitude that Danny Ainge is always looking for ways to improve our team.