Boston Celtics player grades vs. Sacramento Kings

The Boston Celtics beat the Sacramento Kings 99-81

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Player Grades:
I grade on a curve!

Kevin Garnett: 13 Points, 9 Rebounds, 5 Assists
KG did an excellent job tonight. He scored efficiently, he moved the ball around, and rebounded well. His defense was good, especially against the Sacramento bigs. Great game from Garnett in limited minutes.

Jared Sullinger:
Incomplete due to leaving the game early because of his back.

Paul Pierce: 16 Points, 10 Rebounds
Pierce had a great energy tonight, and played an all-around game. He attacked the boards, and finally scored efficiently. He didn't do very well as a facilitator tonight, but it is hard to see anything wrong he did tonight.

Avery Bradley: 11 Points, 5 Rebounds
Avery was a bit more aggressive looking for his shot tonight, which was good to see despite missing a few. He produced a bit more in the boxscore and played his usual tough defense, which made it a bit easier for his teammates.

Courtney Lee: 9 Points
Lee was aggressive tonight and he played solid defense, but his night was not very special after that. He hit his shots, but didn't do a great job trying to facilitate. A decent night as a starter for him, low mistakes and positive impact,

Chris Wilcox: 6 Points, 5 Rebounds
Chris Wilcox made his first impact performance since returning from injury, and it was great to see. He saw limited minutes, but he rebounded and scored as well as you would want. He is still getting comfortable, but he can really help this team if he stays healthy.

Brandon Bass: 12 Points
Bass got a ton of minutes due to Sullinger's injury, and actually produced. He hit his shots, rebounded, and actually had a good defensive effort. He looked engaged and energized, and basically looked like the Brandon Bass of last year. This was his best performance in a while, and something that could be a building block.

Jeff Green: 12 Points
A less-than stellar night for Green in my opinion. He scored 12 points, but took 11 shots. He also did not really contribute in any other aspect of the game tonight. It wasn't a bad night, but it also wasn't exactly what one would want to see from Green against a bad team.

Jason Collins:
Played few minutes, made no impact

Jason Terry: 12 Points
Terry had a very good game tonight, scoring and facilitating well. He got his points efficiently and stabilized the point guard position at times. Terry plays better with the ball in his hands, and tonight was no exception.

Leandro Barbosa: 7 Points
Scored and played aggressively. This will probably be listed for him every night.

Boston Celtics: 99 Points, 38 Rebounds, 22 Assists
The Celtics beat down a terrible team today, and the entire team contributed. Six players scored in double-figures, and the entire roster made it a point to push the ball quickly and share the ball. It was a good win, but the weakness of the Kings must be taken into account. Another sign that might prove to be trouble against better teams is the amount of turnovers the Celtics had. The Celtics are now 2-0 since Rajon Rondo was lost for the season, and hope to make it 3-0 when the Orlando Magic come to town on Friday (02/01/13).

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