Avery Bradley tweets: "Nobody will ever score 40 on me unless they take 40 shots"

Here's Avery Bradley's original tweet (which he has taken down, since it appeared on CSNNE):
"Please stop sayin he gave me 40. Nobody will ever score 40 on me unless they take 40 shots"

Of course Kyrie Irving just scored 40 on Rajon Rondo a couple hours before Bradley tweeted this. Lest anyone make a big deal about this remember, Rondo when asked about Bradley's harassing full court lock down defense and how he would handle it said no one would ever try that on him. It's called confidence. Rondo has an abundance of it and it appears Bradley now does as well (he's admitted he was overwhelmed back as a young rookie).

But since people like to make a big deal and create controversy I guess a bunch of fans started calling Bradley out to which he responded:
Most likely Bradley will tell Rondo in person he meant no disrespect by the tweet, as I'm sure Rondo already knows. Also, I must admit, nobody would be able to score 40 on Bradley.

To be quite honest, Rondo has been letting too many guys have huge scoring night against him. I think his defense has slipped some, and this is coming from a big Rondo fan.

Lastly, I'm not a huge fan of athletes reading their @ mentions on Twitter and trying to defend themselves against every idiot out there. Jeff Green does this a lot as well. You're a famous athlete. People are going to try and get under your skin. Don't give them the satisfaction of showing that their negative comments have an effect. Ignore them. At least that's what I try to do on Twitter (or with trolls on this site). I'm sure Rondo and Paul Pierce get their fair share of negative @ mentions, but I've yet to ever see them respond back. I think that's the best way to go about it.

In case I'm off here, does anyone think Bradley's original tweet was a shot at Rondo (or even Doc for not having him guard Irving)? Honestly I like the confidence in Bradley. He's not saying anything that isn't true.