Avery Bradley: 'I expect to play tomorrow night'

Nothing Earth shattering here, considering January 2nd has been the rumored date all along, but still, good to see this coming out of today's practice, from Scott Souza and A. Sherrod Blakely.

Bradley will not cure all that is wrong with this team right now, but there is no doubt that his impact will be felt. The C's begin a stretch of playing 12 of 17 games at home tomorrow, so if this team is going to make a run - it will start now.

Also of note, for those wondering if Bradley will be eased back into the rotation - maybe not. Per Scott Souza.

Makes sense. The two guard position has just not provided the consistent play the C's envisioned when they entered camp with Lee, Terry and Barbosa all on board. No reason to have Bradley come off the bench with what we've seen.

Hopefully AB's return will allow the other guys to finally find a groove as they settle into their new roles. No matter what, today is the first time in exactly a week that there is reason for C's fans to be excited.

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