ABC commentator confuses Bill Russell with Morgan Freeman at Presidential Inauguration

Not going to lie - I can see it
It's been a dark 24 hours for Boston. Last night the Pats got steamrolled at Gillette with a Super Bowl trip on the line, while the Celtics simultaneously were getting beat down at the Palace against a lowly Pistons team.

So we all needed a little pick me up on the MLK Day, and we got one courtesy of ABC's George Stephanopoulos at Obama's inauguration. The camera found Celtics legend Bill Russell in the crowd prior to Obama's speech, and Stephanopoulos confused the greatest Celtic of all time, with one of (at least in my opinion) the greatest actors of our era.

That's Morgan Freeman, I think, right there on the Capitol steps. No, Bill Russell, I'm sorry.

Check it out yourself.

I mean in Stephanopoulos defense, Freeman belongs at the White House. Anyone else remember him ABSOLUTELY killing it as President Beck in 'Deep Impact'? Legendary speeches left and right by M.F. It's not easy being the President in power when an asteroid crashes in the Atlantic Ocean, destroying the entire Eastern seaboard. But Freeman handled it with class - made everyone feel more comfortable with the whole 'Civilization has been destroyed' thing.

So I'm not offended one bit by Stephanopoulos confusing the two. I mean maybe if he had confused him with Danny Glover or something I'd be upset. But not President Beck.

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