Video: Kevin Garnett and CSNNE team sound off on Gerald Wallace altercation

In the 4th quarter of today's Boston Celtics-Brooklyn Nets game, Kevin Garnett and Gerald Wallace along with Courtney Lee and Andray Blatche both received double technical fouls when Wallace grabbed Garnett's shorts, resulting in a small altercation (video of the incident can be viewed here).

In the video above, the Comcast Sports Net New England commentators as well as Kevin Garnett sound off on the incident, and it's pretty entertaining.

When asked to recap the incident, here is what KG had to say:

"He just grabbed my shorts. I tried to help him up, make sure he didn't fall... And he just kept grabbing my shorts. So I asked him what he was doing. He didn't respond. And I looked at him, what you doing? And I tried to smack his hand away. It really wasn't nothing. He just jacked my shorts."
"I don't get caught up in the scenarios and all the (bleep)," Garnett said. "The play was over when he (Wallace) started. I was just trying to make sure he was safe; that was it. I don't know where in America where you can jack somebody's pants off or shorts ... I don't know what the hell was going on."

CSNNE's Tommy Heinson weighed in on the incident and was highly critical of the refs calling the two double technicals, especially since these add up and a player could be suspended for a game towards the end of the season once they reach 15 technicals. Donny Marshall went on to add some humor to the commentary, stating that the technicals were unwarranted because basketball players probably aren't going to fight each other anyways since it's not MMA and these guys "wear skinny jeans and glasses with no lenses in them."

I love Tommy Heinson and his reactions. Too bad he can't take over for David Stern as NBA commissioner when he retires. 

What was your take on the altercation and the two double technical fouls? Sound off in the comments below.