TP's Mini Boston Celtics Rant

Hey guys, sorry I haven't video blogged, I am in Southern California now and my parents' computer doesn't have the software to hook up to my flip cam, the computer is older then the Knicks' roster.

Anyways a few things I want to rant about before this week:
1. (if you are a casual Celtics fan, disregard this point) If you are a die-hard Celtics fan and truly believe you bleed green, YOU HATE THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS. I can't believe some people don't hate them. I hate everything they stand for and seeing all the Laker fans here in Long Beach suffer right now is so wonderful!

2. We had a bad week against the Texan teams last week, going 1-2. Our offense is so bad at the end of late game situations it just pisses me off. Doc you are a smart coach, be more creative then having one on one Isolation plays. Our defense did not look great at all and our offense looked very stagnant this weekend. We got beat in the second half by an average Rocket squad and lost twice to a championship contending team in the Spurs. That bench we signed and thought would be helping our aging vets aren't working out.

3. I hear rumors of us trading Courtney Lee, do it! We need a big man more to shore up our defense so trading Lee or Green's contract for one would be wonderful. Tyreke Evans, isn't the answer, I want a better shooter to be next to Rondo, and not as ball dominant. Did you see how well OJ Mayo played against us last week? Man, we should have traded #20 for him last year, could have had the best back court in the league with him and Rondo. Our offense would be looking much better right now.

4. Did you see the Patriots almost come back from 28 down? Did you see that teams fight and Tom Brady's focus? Well I think the Celtics need to take a look at their cities football team. We are struggling and I do not see any will in our players right now. Rajon Rondo gets his 10 assists and KG is still as fierce on defense as ever (did you see him in the Dallas game? he defended like 4 guys in one play) but the rest of the players seem to not play hard on every play. Last year we were 15-18 to start and we can very well be at the same spot this year. I don't mind them "turning it on" late, but I want to see improvements and strong play now!

5. Finally, tonight is a must win in my eyes. The Bulls play hard every night, and will want revenge from the early loss they had to us this season. Marco Belinelli has been shooting the ball VERY well lately (I picked him up in my fantasy league, I should know). If the Celtics want to win they will have to rebound and have contributions from players not apart of the big 3. Bass is only averaging 5.9 points per game in the month of December and Leandro Barbosa has disappeared. Someone PLEASE STEP UP.

Hopefully next Monday I will be back in front of the camera especially since the weather is great right now here in Long Beach. Go Celtics!

PS Thank GOD finals week is over. Final Papers.... that's that Shit I don't like!

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