Rent a former NBA star!

What an incredible service former NY Giant Tiki Barber has started called Thuzio.  He's basically giving access to former professional athletes to book them for an assortment of activities.  Fishing with Ray Williams?  They got it!  Pick-up basketball with Walter McCarty?  Got that!  Lunch with Dee Brown?  Hell yeah.  This is What the Hell Happened To Dream-Come-True!

Here's the full-list.  Included on it are former Celtics' McCarty, Williams, Brown, Kenny Anderson, Gary Payton, Vin Baker, Jim Paxson.

It also gives you a radius of where they're willing to meet with you, which helps me in my legwork to find out, well, what the hell happened to some of these guys.

Here's an area that states how it works under FAQ:

There is an athlete or other public figure I want to book that I do not see on the platform.
We have an extensive network of agents contacting athletes and other public figures all the time. Let us know who you want, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Who do I want?  Shit where do I start!  Give me Danny Fortson and Mark Minor and Michael Olowokandi and David Thirdkill and Eric Fernsten!  Give me Tony Dawson and Lorenzo Williams!

I hope they expand this.  I hope some of these guys lower their prices too.  Before you know it, I'll be meeting face to face with Ruben Wolkowyski or Brett Szabo and you'll be hearing every bit of it!