Pierce likes the Celtics direction

The Truth addressed the current state of the team yesterday including, how the team has been playing, Doc’s comments calling them soft and what he plans on getting Judas Shuttlesworth for Christmas.

On the win vs. the Timberwolves being one of the best efforts all season:
"I think so. I think throughout the season we've done things for stretches where we've rebounded for stretches, where we've played defense for stretches, and other than the turnover yesterday, I thought, for the most part, we moved the ball, we fast breaked, we rebounded the ball, we stuck to our defensive principles, and we got the job done against one of the better rebounding teams in the league and one of the better defensive teams in the league, especially with Kevin Love out there. I really like the direction we're headed."

On whether he agreed with Doc calling them a ‘soft team’ earlier in the week:
"Yeah, I would agree we were playing that way. But sometimes coaches have got to do what they've got to do. If that means calling a team soft or whatever, if it's going to push guys' buttons, which I think it really did -- you heard the way Kevin responded to it and some of these other guys responded. Nobody likes to be called soft. So, coaches are always trying to find ways to motivate their teams, push their buttons, and I definitely think he pushed a few of our buttons around here to go out there and prove to him that this is not a soft ballclub. We've been built on grit and grind, defensive-minded team who likes to be physical, and by no means we want to be called soft."

On what he plans on getting Judas for Christmas and who his secret santa is:
"Ray didn't make my Christmas list this year and for my Secret Santa, I've got Avery Bradley, so maybe I can get him a new pair of shoulders."

I agree with all of what Pierce said, the C’s have been playing a lot better as of lately. I think the Rondo suspension turned into being almost a good thing as it forced the team to persevere and stick together through adveristy. Besides getting an upgrade over Collins, I love this team and hope all these crazy trade rumors don’t happen. Things can only go up from here when Avery returns soon with a new pair of shoulders.

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