Paul Pierce just did something we haven't seen since Michael Jordan

The Captain has hit a number of big shots lately.
Paul Pierce followed up his spectacular 40 point performance on Wednesday with a 35 point outburst in the Celtics overtime loss to the Bucks on Friday.  Scoring 35 or more points in back to back NBA games is a fairly impressive feat on it's own, in fact it's only happened one other time this season (James Harden posted 37 and 45 in the Rockets first two games of the year).

Putting up 35 points at 35 years of age is also a significant accomplishment, before Pierce the last guy to do it was actually Ray Allen in 2010 (November 11th vs. Miami).  But the combination of the two, back to back 35 point nights as a 35 year old, is something the league hasn't seen since a guy by the name of Michael Jeffrey Jordan pulled it off more than a decade ago.  Amazingly Jordan did it twice with the Wizards in the 2001-02 season after his second retirement (scoring 51 and 45 on Dec. 29th and 31st, then 40 and 41 less than a month later on Jan. 24th and 26th).

Pierce's 40 point game was also historic in it's own right because of his age, and the efficiency with which he did it.  He's the oldest player to score 40 on just 16 or fewer field goal attempts in the last 27 years, and possibly all-time ( only tracks stats as far back as '85).

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