LeBron is too amazing to foul people

When the NBA came out with their new flop rules I knew that guys like LeBron James would never be called for one, even though he loves to attempt to win Oscars on contact. Nope, the flop calls would be called on lesser players like Reggie Evans and Donald Sloan. Why would you expect the NBA to call flops on LeBron when they won't even call fouls on him? And according to Ball Don't Lie, the self proclaimed "King James" has not committed a foul in 2 weeks (Or 211 minutes of playing time). Heat fans (aka Cavs pre 2010) will say that LeBron is too amazing and talented to foul people. That when he fouled out of a game in last year's Eastern Conference Finals it was one of the biggest travesties in sports history. That LeBron is so smart and athletic that he can prevent himself from fouling people, whereas no one else in the history of the NBA has had this super ability.

What do you say? Is LeBron this amazing? Or are the two weeks of no fouls just a glaring example of the NBA's special star treatment? Are you concerned that if the Celtics face the Heat in this year's playoffs, Boston won't get a fair shot (again)?