Kendrick Perkins: Still Making Boston Proud

Disclaimer: This post is a tribute to Celtics' culture and the high-character players it produces, not another debate about the Jeff Green-Perkins trade. For that, go here.
Though Kendrick Perkins' production has been a disappointment to Oklahoma City Thunder fans, he has stepped up in other ways. Apparently, he has been a great locker room presence, helping to sooth player egos to keep team morale high. This is invaluable for a Thunder team that sometimes struggles to keep it's egos (Cough Cough, Westbrook) in check.

Kendrick's athleticism has declined since his prime as the Celtics' starting center, but he is still entirely devoted to winning, and this is just another example of Boston's incredible culture. Coming straight to the NBA out of high-school, he literally became a man under the wing of Doc Rivers, and his game really took off once Kevin Garnett "changed the culture". Like KG, Perkins is considered by many outsiders to be a mean, dirty player, but true fans know that both these guys are actually tremendous teammates who always stick up for their brothers. Seeing him mature like this without the Big 3 around makes me excited to see how guys like Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger develop in our system.

Kendrick still sparks furious debate over Danny Ainge's trade, but we can all agree that he was a great teammate in Beantown, and we should be proud to see him carrying on the no-nonsense, high-character attitude that the Boston Celtics represent.