Karl on the Kayak is back!?

Yes, this is a Larry Bird apron

Tomorrow I will be going to the Potomac River to do the first episode of "Karl on the Kayak". For those of you not familiar with this segment, I basically go on my kayak or sit by the river and record mysef talking about all topics ranging from Jeff Green's laziness to whether or not Evangeline Lilly(from Lost) is the most beautiful woman in the world(she is). Beer and good music are always involved. Some people think it's lame, but if anything it is just stupid. Regardless, it seems to get people to react. I always say you know you wrote or did something good when you get people screaming at you electronically. Also,  I'm not as basketball knowledgeable as the rest of the writers so I need to contribute somehow.

Here is where the reader come in. It's your job to make this awesome. Leave a question for me in the comments section and I may answer it tomorrow. I know what your thinking. Why do I care what this random ginger thinks? You probably shouldn't but I'm going to answer it anyway. Be prepared for your favorite or least favorite segment ever on CelticsLife. There is no middle ground.