Jared Sullinger has the best NBA All Star Ballot ever

I'd say most people probably have Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett on their ballots, but I'm not sure the other three have came up in reports of being high in the voting. Honestly, Paul Pierce deserves to be up there. Either way, this is an awesome All Star ballot that I'll support all the way.

Sully knows how to get on the good side of the vets, and perhaps some day he'll be on an All-Star team himself. Sullinger hasn't been starting or getting big minutes consistently, but he's already shown that his falling to number 21 in the draft was a mistake. That's a testament to him.

Some are making the argument that Sullinger should be starting, and it's hard to disagree with them. He's one of if not the best rebounder on the team and showed throughout Summer League and in stretches this season that he can score too.

The Celtics roster at the beginning of the year rarely ends up looking the same at the end, so a move like this could be in the cards. However, with the team 2-1 with Jason Collins at the 5, Doc might be hesitant to make that move. And as long as they keep winning, I guess I might be hesitant to make a move too.

Anyway, do you think Sullinger could be an All-Star some day?

Via Laki Tiki in the shoutbox for the tip