Greg Stiemsma returns tonight!

Despite playing very limited minutes for the Celtics in just one lockout shortened season, Greg Stiemsma turned himself into a fan favorite in Boston.  While most of the credit goes to the "Scalabrine factor" (big awkward white guy on the end of the bench), the 26 year old rookie from Wisconsin also did things to legitimately earn his place in our hearts.  He came out of nowhere in training camp last year to seize the final roster spot, then prompted Tommy Heinsohn to compare his shot blocking ability to that of Bill Russell; in just his 6th game.  By late March Stiemsma was the first guy off the bench, and actually led the entire NBA in blocks per 48 minutes (he would eventually finish 2nd behind Serge Ibaka).

Tonight Stiemsma returns to Boston as a Minnesota Timberwolf.  He's averaging 3.5 points, 2.5 rebounds, and 1.1 blocks per game in 13 minutes a night (which ranks him 6th in the league in blocks per 48 min).  Expect the Garden crowd to go absolutely nuts when he enters the game.

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