Green Envy: What Nets fans said - 12/25

The Celtics delivered a great Christmas gift, a win over a half decent team! Nets fans seemed to have an awful christmas. Mostly their coach, Avery Johnson, got a ton of heat with a lot of calls for his job. It does really seem like the Nets have no idea what to do on offense. Still, it was a great defensive game for the Celtics and a nice start to the road trip.

Top Three:

How nice would it be if Blatche gains a brain for christmas?

lets see some more ISOs because it's clearly working. So frustrating to watch this.

You beat (one of) the worst rebounding team in the NBA twice by pounding the ball inside, and playing big, so the third time you play them throw them a curveball by going small... and playing to their strengths? Avery Johnson is a freaking genius.

Play of the Game (Jason Collins got a dunk!):

Collins dunked on this team **** it im done

Lopez can't guard Jason Collins...Someone press the simulate to end button. Please.

Full Slate:

That Joe Johnson crossover still makes me laugh out loud.

Looking forward to this game....

The highlight of Joe Johnson's career. Crossing a hall of famer over once. Let me know when JJ drops 40 at Pierce's age. :D

christ celtic fans are awful

Well i guess this is a good game for avery to run his iso offense with joe johnson

Celtics fans can go play in traffic while they mispronounce every word that ends in the letter r.

So I wasn't sure if I was going to watch this game on ESPN or YES. Flip on ESPN, see a Justin Bieber music video and then Doris Burke and Chris Broussard analyzing the game......immediately switched to YES.

Exciting to see some Nets basketball on Christmas finally. So used to watching the same old teams every year. We made it!

Wallace is too small to guard Garnett...what a stupid move Avery

Awful rotations, communicate.

Another leg injury for Deron...sigh

ESPN has got to be kidding me with their Justin Bieber obsession.

Stackhouse is in...Run for the Celtics incoming

WTF is wrong with you Lopez, you contest and don't even try to get the rebound

We have no offensive gameplan, it's sad.

That was stupid Blatche but It's not your fault...Avery has no idea what he's doing

How nice would it be if Blatche gains a brain for christmas?

Somebody oiled the knees

I can't stress how much of an overall b**ch Lopez has been playing like ever since he's come back

LOL, Rondo hits a three, sure.

Solid 1st quarter but our defense has been awful

LOL Stackhouse fading away like Kobe

Man this game is moving slow as molasses. How many whistles have there been in the last 2-3 minutes?

The Nets are embarrassing to watch

Lol Toko is nowhere near NBA ready....But this idiot would rather use him than Hump who could actually make a difference on the glass

Jesus crist Hump is inactive talk sh*t about Avery when you know what is actually going on and spend more time talking about the actual game

OMFG, we're a freaking joke.

Whole team is lazy trash at this point

The Celtics are hitting a lot of shots their old asses normally can't hit, but the Nets need to step up their defense, they're making the Celtics look like the Celtics of old with their terrible decision-making.

lets see some more ISOs because it's clearly working. So frustrating to watch this.

The spacing is terrible. No movement. Deron off the ball... WTF am I watching?

We are not doing a single thing that got us the win against the Celtics the last 2 games. Not a single one.

Avery is clueless and this offense is laughable, i think this is pretty much established at this point. He basically portraited Atlanta's offense from the previous years, ISO, ISO, ISO.

Blatche is such a joke, get his scrub ass out

Deron off the ball does not surprise me in the least, heck, this is the same coach that had a scheme with Sundiata freaking Gaines handling the ball with Deron playing as his side kick.

About time the refs called the Celtics out for their hold-and-push defense. Their players practically bear hug the opposing team every time down the court.


Why the f**k did Lopez need to do that stupid ass flail? How could he not dunk that

What in the blue hell was that, Lopez? you stiff.

By the way, we are getting killed by Sullinger, let that sink in for a moment

How many times does Brook Lopez have to get hammered before he gets the call? The fact that he contorts his body after contact shouldn't be held against him, it's a staple move for 90% of the star players in the league...

We are also getting murdered on the boards by one of the worst rebounding teams in the league.

This team can't get a stop to save their lives.

Lol at this team

WHY THE &*Y**#@ do they continue to double team every time on defense. It leaves a man open to get into the lane every time which leads to a foul

Avery, defensive genius, at work.

Man, I went to church for nothing.

I'm so disappointed by this team, really am.

Evans on Rondo... wow Avery is so creative.

Once again we left a man wide open, nice going, great defense.

Offense looks awful again and defense was nonexistent. Time for #FireAvery again?

Our defense in this game reminds me of kids abusing the LB on NBA 2K13 on defense, constantly leaving players wide open.

**** it, **** it **** **** **** it.

I don't give a damn anymore.

I hope we LOSE. I mean, literally BLOWN OFF THE GOD DAMN FLOOR in the 2nd half.

I want this franchise to be embarrassed on national television, and I want the front office to stop dragging their feet and pull the plug on this garbage. Avery has no business coaching, PERIOD.

If it takes humiliation for King and Prokhorov to stop sitting on their hands and toss this **** ass hole off of the train, so be it.

Doubling on defense for no reason has been a Avery trademark ever since he took over this job.

Avery gives the likes of Randy Whittman and Keith Smart a run for their money as one of the worst coaches in the entire league. Swap him with Rivers and this team is one of the best in the east. I could talk about how terrible Avery was, with his horrible lineups and horrible offense, as well as his braindead doubling which led to a wide open man by the basket every time. I could talk about what a soft little bitch Lopez has been in this game. I could talk about what a **** up Blatche has been. I could talk about how we're getting killed on the glass to a team that sucks at rebounding. I could talk about how worthless CJ Watson has been. So many things to talk about. The worst has to be going with Wallace at PF to match up with KG. That's part of the reason why they're beating us, we're playing small ball without the benefits on offense, and as a result, we're getting killed. I hope Avery (gasp) makes an adjustment and goes with Evans or Blatche at PF to start the 2nd half. And STOP ISOING BLATCHE! I can't even get mad at some of the **** Blatche is doing, because that's what our set calls for...we have one of the best PGs in the league giving Blatche the ball 20 feet away from the basket and clearing out, letting him go one on one. It's been the same **** with Lopez as well, except he's taking KG one on one. It's on full display how stupid Avery is.

Even Broussard asked Rivers, in a way that established how mind boggling it was to go small in this game, why would Avery change what had worked in their previous two games against the celtics.

You beat (one of) the worst rebounding team in the NBA twice by pounding the ball inside, and playing big, so the third time you play them throw them a curveball by going small... and playing to their strengths? Avery Johnson is a freaking genius.

Do my eyes deceive me? Evans starting at the 4 for the second half? Its a Christmas Day MIRACLE!

Who do we ISO next, guys? Deron, Joe, Wallace, Evans? Ian Eagle?

Collins dunked on this team **** it im done

Lopez can't guard Jason Collins...Someone press the simulate to end button. Please.

Guys, go spend tine with your families. Do anything except watch this game. Its a disgrace this team gets to play on national TV on Christmas.

If you want to cheer up, FMC is playing the holiday smash hit Jingle All The Way!

So...Who's excited for Knicks/Lakers & Thunder/Heat?

I wasn't even half as frustrated with this team when they went 12-70 and we all had to watch Stephen F'ing Graham and Yi Jianlian fire up bricks all day. I've seriously considered to stop being a NBA fan multiple times this season.

I've been watching and I can't even tell you how the Nets got this down to single digits.

What do you know, you stop doubling without any reason, start moving the ball, you go BIG against one of the worst rebounding teams in the league, and at least you make it a respectable score.

And there goes that comeback.

Why does Stackhouse get so many shots? Avery bitches about making shots, but what the hell are you going to get when you are going to this old man for offense?

**** the refs.

Deron playing passive as hell, the entire team is bricking wide open shots, and a **** horrible call killed our run and ballooned the lead back to 15.

EVERY time we do anything to get back in the game, we start doing the dumbest ****. We let them go on a 7-0 run to end the quarter, we had it down to 8 points.

KG just shoved two people, but gets a small push and gets the call. Just awesome.

Garnett is such a drama queen.

Garnett being a b*tch, go to hell Boston

Sure lets keep leaving Sullinger open for that jumpshot... **** pathetic.

end this piece of crap game already.

this is the game that seals averys fate. hes gone.

Only logical explanation for these double teams are the fact, Avery thinks it's 6 on 5.

Pierce can go f*Ck himself, I can't wait to see LeBron and Melo embarrass his ass.

Oh, so we wait until 3 minutes left in the game to start passing the ball and cutting off screens....Ok

Wallace should be the one to curse everyone out in the locker room and slap someone.

I've seen my share of Net games this year and I can say it's time for Avery to go. I have yet to see an offensive gameplan in any of the games.

Fire Avery. For God's sake, Fire Avery.

What needs to be trending on twitter is #FireAvery

This team has no backbone and no heart. My girlfriend at 5'5 would do a better job at posting up than Lopez, he looked like utter trash.

All of his shots against Boston beforehand were through penetration and finishes around the rim or jumpers. Now, he's trying too much to post up and he looks like a big doofus out there.

Deron needs someone to sit down and tell him to get his head out of his ass, quite honestly, I think he's too comfortable playing in New York and not taking things seriously.

Joe needs to be more aggressive and stop being such a ghost. Atleast guys like Kobe, Melo demand the ball and will get animated when things are going badly. Joe doesn't do nothing, you never know if he's angry, sad, frustrated, nothing.

And for Avery, I do not want to see this Toko experiment again. He's done nothing close to passable at the NBA level to deserve playing time over Humphries. The whole Wallace at PF is beyond STUPID.

I wonder, did Deron play like this before Sloan was fired?