Green Envy: What Cavaliers fans said - 12/19

Not a ton of comments from Cavaliers fans around the net, and as a result, I'm leaving out the usual superlatives. All you get is the full slate. Enjoy them after a nice win by the Celtics and an amazing performance by Paul Pierce.

Full Slate:

What do you know another back to back game.

I predict they'll play a solid game-may not win, but make it close.

Varejao out.

No idea what to expect from Cavs tonight.

Oh no some Luke Walton sighting as well.

I wish he we had more exciting young players. I hate to be negative but all this losing is taking its toll on me.Everyone outside a few are just so bad, it's not even funny.

On the bright side, Zeller is playing pretty well. And wow, Jason Collins? I forgot he is still in the league.

So, this is what the team would liook like if we traded Andy. Hmm, I like the youth movement we lose every game anyway. Trade Andy for as many picks as you can. Trade him to OKC for all the picks they have

Cavs shooting 41% from the floor compared to the Celtics 54%. The Celtics shot 23 free throws in the first half compared to the Cavs 8 attempts. How are we down by just 8 points?

Hey, when you get a foul called everytime you miss, you can keep that shooting percentage high.

Our defense is just awful.

Yea our defense is total garbage, how can you let Pierce run the floor on you and noone can keep up with him? Either they dont care and arent running back hard or they are the slowest people in the NBA...Also great job guarding the 3 these guys are almost shooting 65%

I'm so glad our defense could show up tonight, lol. The Celtics are getting basically what they want.

We could be the Sacramento Kings...forever.

Tommy H. is living in an alternate universe.

our 3rd quarter +/- has to be the worst in the nba

This team is making it tough to keep watching. I love the Cavs and Basketball but this is getting real bad.

i wonder when coach scott is going to learn alonzo cannot exclusively guard the other teams best player

I like Thompson hard work but for everything, what are these coaches teaching him? I've never seen anything like this. How many times does he have to get blocked. If I was the coaches I would just have him in practice doing hook shots with a defender all over him until he learns how to not get blocked this is ridiculous.

Wow a comeback? Wtf?

im praying we keep it within 5-10 for Irving so he can take over.

These celtics announcers are so annoying.

Tommy needs to be put out to pasture.

This game seems like all the other games where we start to come back against good teams and then they decide to turn it on and we lose in the final minutes. Hopefully it will be a different outcome

Kyrie should be a little embarrased that he isn't even allowed to guard the opposing PG's for most of the game. His effort on defense is awful

I'm starting to think the team is quiting on Scott.

Zeller only had 3 rebounds. He needs more than that

Man, we just don't finish in the 4th quarter..

It's so frustrating being a Cavs fan But no matter what their reciord is, i will still root for them and watch every game