Did Rajon Rondo learn a lesson? No

Some people will use this as ammunition against Rondo, but I like it.

After being suspended for fighting with Kris Humphries after a hard foul on Kevin Garnett, many lashed out at Rajon Rondo for being immature. Former teammate Keyon Dooling said Rondo "doesn't get it yet" and coach Doc Rivers subtley hinted he didn't like what Rondo did.

Well, I did.

And I also like Rondo's response. It's funny.

Forgive me if I don't want to live in a PC world where nobody wants to offend anyone or look bad in the media.

If anyone is still mad that Rajon Rondo has the tendency to snap, be emotional, be rude to the media, be overconfident, etc. they should find a new star to root for.

That's who Rajon Rondo is, that's the personality of the guy you're rooting for. Personally, I like it. I'm glad Rondo isn't bland as hell. In an age where every word you say is scrutinized by the media (and blogs like this) you start to find that people in the public eye will essentially say absolutely nothing in interviews.

Rajon Rondo plays things a little differently.

Maybe when he's in his 30s he'll be more subdued, but he's not. I hope he stays how he is forever.