Dear The Los Angeles Lakers and Laker Fans Everywhere

Dear Laker and Laker Fans,

Thank you for this season, really it has been too easy.

When you guys first traded for Dwight Howard I was so mad, I thought the league was rigged and I thought Kobe would get his 6th championship and tie MJ. I was pissed Orlando didn't want Pau Gasol in the deal. I was 100 percent sure Phil Jackson was going to coach you guys and win another championship. I was so wrong, heck you guys can't even comeback and beat a Melo-less Knicks team. Thank you for the best 2 months of my NBA life.

You guys stink so bad, the garbage man would be jealous. The happiest moment any Laker fan has had this season was when Kobe Bryant scored his 30,000th point, and y'all still lost the game after. I can't believe you guys lost to the Cavs and the Magic, that was pretty bad. I can sense Dwight leaving for Houston (mark my words, he will end up in Houston if they don't make the playoffs). Kobe Bryant will retire a ball hog and selfish player. Steve Nash will limp into retirement while they trade Pau Gasol for an even softer player in Andrea Bargnani. Thank you for being a complete mess, giving me something to smile about while my team is learning to play together and win.

Yes, my Celtics aren't the best team in the league right now. We sit 12-9. Our defense isn't very good. We are missing players and getting other players suspended. Our end of the game situations have sucked over the years. Heck, we are always up 3-2 in a playoff series and end up losing in seven. All that said, nothing compares to how bad the Lakers are playing, and I love it. This team has a 100 dollar payroll and they still find ways to lose. Kobe is pissed off, Mike D'antoni is looking for answers, Dwight is looking for a way out. This is great.

I know we are only 1/4 of the way into the season. You guys can come back and win the championship, make me cry by the end of this season, and prove all of the haters wrong. I do not care. Right now you guys have given me the most happiest moments ever. I hope you guys continue to suck and watch us as we win banner 18 in June. Thank you so much for being so bad.


Terry Peterson, the biggest Laker hater of all time

PS Kobe Bryant is overrated

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