Coal for Celtics fans - Avery Bradley will NOT return on road trip

Well this isn't the type of news we want on Christmas morning (or early Christmas afternoon). According to rotoworld, Avery Bradley will not join the C's on their four game road trip, which just tipped off against the Nets. From the article,

Bradley won't join the C's on their Western road trip, which is when many had thought he'd be making his return. Instead, the earliest we'll see Bradley is in Boston on January 2 against the Grizzlies.


Long term this is the right move I'm sure, but short term, this team needs a spark. 13-13 on Christmas morning with a brutal trip starting, it would have been nice to have Bradley back. Especially considering he looked so good in practice that his teammates are wondering why he's not playing already.

Oh well, back to hanging with the family, watching the Celtics and listening to the Rosie O'Donnell and Elmo Christmas duet. Traditions.

Have a great Christmas everybody!

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