Celtics get their worst loss of the season against Clippers: 77-106

Clippers' mid-to-long range shooting and Jamal Crawford's penetration were too much to handle as Celtics lost the first game of the California trip. It was simply painful to watch: we couldn't control the tempo, we couldn't defend... It was a richly deserved loss.

When the TNT broadcast switched to our game from Mavs-Thunder, I probably had a brief heart attack. A score of 6-18 was not the most pleasant to see. However, we managed to stop Clippers offense as they scored 6 points in the final 4 minutes after putting up 24 in the first 8. Garnett's fadeaway clutch shot cut the lead to 10 by the end of Q1.

Q2 started at an unsustainably fast pace, yet Doc went with the flow instead of taking a timeout until Clippers did so. With 22 points scored in just 4 minutes, we saw Clippers' lead go down to 4 and then up to 10 again. This quarter was also frustrating because every potential momentum change towards us was hindered by a 3-point basket by Matt Barnes, of all players. However, one should be careful what one wishes for, because the low pace of the second part turned into a duel of free throzzzzzzzzzzzzzzh, huh, what happened? Oh, OK, it's 47-60 at halftime.

Q3, well, let's just forget it. It took a long while till we got it together, we scored 10 points in the first 9.5 minutes, and then scored 10 more in the remaining time, but that kind of effort was nowhere near enough to get us back in the game.

It was quite clear that Celtics mentally quit the game even in the beginning of the fourth quarter. Our offensive sets turned into Benny Hill sketches you could almost hear the soundtrack in the background. Just awful.

I would love to list some takeaways, but there's none really. Jason Terry's shooting was OK, Jared Sullinger uncharacteristically got a flagrant foul and was involved in some other related stuff. That's about it. Feel free to comment if you saw any positives.

Now if you excuse me I'll go bleach my eyes. I have also ordered an MIB memory eraser in case that fails.