Celtics drop to #14 in ESPN power rankings

It's Monday, so that means ESPN's weekly Marc Stein NBA power rankings are out.  In this edition the 11-9 Celtics find themselves at #14.  Despite two easy wins, and just a single one-point OT loss on the road, Boston falls a spot from #13 last week.  I still don't understand Stein's infatuation with the 10-9 Bucks, who again rank several places ahead of the C's at #11.  But at least he's finally got the Celts ahead of the Lakers, who at 9-12 have slipped all the way to #15 after beginning the year at #2.  Miami also drops to a season low #6 this week.

And that's an original Bob Cousy jersey on the right, the last Celtic to wear #14.

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