Building A Closer

Seems to be the C’s are developing a new closer on a team that is replete with capable finishers.  In the past few games it appears that Rajon Rondo has been given – and has taken – his fair share of game-winning shots – from last night’s double OT win against Dallas (where he had the chance to win it in regulation) to the team’s loss last week at Philadelphia.   In both cases, RR was unable to get a clean shot off: with an ankle buckle de-stabilizing him in Philly and a ball swipe (by Fisher) last night knocking him off his rhythm.

Although still far from the success rate of The Truth in closing games, Rondo’s confidence and willingness to take the last shot is certainly an encouraging development in his rise as the team’s undisputed leader.  The tough shots he’s taking right now are but tuition for his growth as a closer.  In time, he will learn – just as Pierce had learned – to create in the clutch.   Perhaps not in the patented up-fake-draw-the-foul-jumper-AND-one way The Truth has mastered, but somehow, some way, some day, you just know Rondo will have his own signature finishing move.

(now if only the Red Sox could find their closer this winter)

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