Afternoon Delight: Big Boy Pants

So Kobe is mad.  Again.  At Pau.  What else is new?  Following the Lakers' 113-103 loss to the Magic yesterday, the Black Mamba re-trained his sights on his favorite whipping boy, saying, "Put your big-boy pants on.  Just adjust.  Just adjust.  You can't whine about it.  You can't complain about it."

The "whining," Kobe was referring to was Pau's disappointment at being benched for the last half of the 4th quarter as the Magic pulled off the upset on the Lakers' home floor.  (Pau's been falling out of favor, actually, in the Lakers' D'Antoni era)

Well... following Kobe's castigation, it appears that Pau has adjusted quite well to his big-boy pants, thank you very much.  And Dwight seems pretty keen on winning this game too.

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